Thank you for your interest in membership. We work to help keep you informed. Membership provides you access to NAMI and NAMI Rensselaer County benefits and information.

To encourage information access there is an “OPEN DOOR” membership at a reduced rate as well as the REGULAR membership.  Both have the same rights (type of membership is not public information).

NAMI, NAMI state organizations and NAMI affiliates offer a reduced dues rate, called Open Door, for members with limited financial resources. Open Door members enjoy all the same rights and privileges of membership; they just pay less. The NAMI Board has set the Open Door dues rate at $3.
Open Door membership is not a consumer membership and recipients do not need to prove their need – all they have to do is ask. Although the Open Door dues rate is universally available, it is not offered online at for new members. Individuals wishing to secure the Open Door dues rate may submit membership via a NAMI Affiliate or NAMI State Organization.

If you are interested in an open door membership please contact NAMI Rensselaer directly. It is not available on-line at

OPEN DOOR MEMBERSHIPS:  send to NAMI Rensselaer County, Inc.; PO Box 397; West Sand Lake, NY  12196.

Regular membership:  Dues are set at $35 annually and can be paid through link below or send to NAMI Rensselaer County, Inc.; PO Box 397; West Sand Lake, NY  12196.

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