Hearts and Minds

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NAMI Rensselaer Hearts and Minds programs are always FREE.  

Donations are welcome but our priority is helping others so
they do not go through some of the problems that we have.


NAMI Hearts and Minds is the newest educational program available through NAMI for individuals living with mental illness looking to improve all areas of their lives. As we all know, this is just another double edged sword in our world… you take medications to offset the chemical imbalances and then you develop side affects of weight gain, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.

Knowing that we typically either focus on our mental wellness or our physical wellness but not both, NAMI has developed a program to help us to broaden our view to encompass both avenues. It is medically documented that when we also take care of our physical health we see greater recovery! Unfortunately, even medications prescribed by our doctors are not “magic bullets”.

For more information you can contact NAMI Rensselaer County at 518-588-6949 or email at NAMIrensco@gmail.com